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We usually see golf in the movies. Powerful rich people always play golf. It's like a symbol of wealth. In everyday life, very few people actually played golf. This happens mostly because golf it's very expensive and few can afford to get the right equipment to play it properly. A good equipment costs way too much for someone with an average to low income.
Only the clubs can cost a few thousand dollars. But you'll also need the rest of the equipment and private lessons. These will all add up and get to quite huge amounts of money. You'll probably think that you could do well with low quality equipment if you're a beginner. 

You could, but the lessons will still be very pricy. And even if you'll manage to get the lessons, when you'll evolve, you'll need more professional equipment and the costs will just continue to go up.

Don't worry about all those prices. You can play golf games online without paying a cent. There are many sites that offer various golf games that you can play anytime of the day and without any former training.
You can just start playing different games, see which ones you like best and then work your way to the top. All you'll need is your good old computer. No expensive preparations and no worries to make ends meet just to play a bit of golf.
These online games work perfectly not only for people who can't afford to play golf. Some people might afford this sport, but not have time enough to go outdoors and play it. Golf doesn't only involve serious amounts of money but also significant amounts of time and many people don't have much time on a regular basis.
You will also find fun themed golf games that you couldn't even play in the real world such as Easter Golf, Halloween Golf, Pirate Golf or Christmas Golf. All these games make the classic and serious game of golf very appealing to all the players, not only to the ones passionate about golf.
This is a bonus as not many young modern people are attracted to golf but they sure are crazy about online games. Maybe this is the opportunity for golf to become more popular in the online environment and for the world to know more about it.
Don't feel sorry that you don't have the means to play golf. Try golf games online. You'll save lots of money and time while winning much fun and entertainment. They are a good choice if you only have a bit of time off and you want to play an easy game to get you distracted from the daily chores.


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